Ship Construction Logs

The Official construction of the U.S.S. Lafitte began in 2333; she is the Prototype. Unlike the Galaxy, she will be completed within 7 years. She was designed to be used by Starfleet Intelligence, which is why she was built before the initial construction and completion of the future Galaxy Class Starship.


The Montgomery Class is officially approved by Starfleet Command.  She was going to be the test bed for the future unnamed at the time; Galaxy Class which was just beginning its drawing board stages.  The Official beginning of the Galaxy Class Project was approved in 2343, 11 years from the start date of the Lafitte.  Starfleet Intelligence wanted a starship that was larger and faster than any starship at that time, and they got hold of the Galaxy Class designs, which were classified.  Starfleet Command approved of this unusual request due to the fact engineers would need time to test all of the new systems needed for the future Galaxy Class.


The Montgomery Class Project begins. Unlike other construction time frames, the Lafitte would be completed in about 7 years. Utilizing the most advanced starship construction techniques, construction began on June 12th with a Keel laying ceremony in the afternoon.  First, members gamma-welded in Utopia Planitia ceremony.  Warp nacelle shells were under construction and impulse components were test-fitted within frame at mid-year.  Computer core framing was also underway. The habitat module went into test-fit, and phaser and photon torpedo assemblies were under construction.

Testing of hull materials proceeds, Structural Integrity Field (SIF) passes design phase, materials difficulties foreseen, Impulse design frozen, Sensor systems pass design phase, Phaser emitters undergoes redesign. Main Deflector redesign foreseen.

Warp engine systems design approved, Impulse design undergoes tweaking. Computer Core passes Reviews 1 & 2.

Transporter biofilter design frozen, system fabrication begins. Phaser emitter redesign passes Review 0. Main deflector power supply redesigned to accommodate science instruments.


Vehicle frame design and docking latch systems pass Review 0, Final selection of frame alloys: Materials ordered. Engine designs passes Review 0, Warp engine components begin test fabrication. Impulse engine components, main computer, and transporter begin fabrication.  Communications system and tractor beam design pass inspection. Phaser emitter third redesign passes Review 0; Reviews 1 & 2 skipped as fabrication begins.

Frame and docking systems pass Review 1; structural latches begin fabrication.Hullshin design ahead of schedule.  Warp engine materials ordered and shipped. Nacelles pass Review 2; fabrication begins late in the year. Tractor beam emitter under construction, photon torpedo launcher design frozen. Sensor pallets under construction.


Frame construction and major hardware installation continue simultaneously. Hulllayers begin attachment. Warp engine core 65% complete; nacelles pass Review 3; Major impulse engine installation complete. Computer cores 50% complete off-site. First layer of habitat modules installed.  Transporter installation begins. Tractor beam emitters modified to accommodate hull skin changes.  Phaser bank installation proceeds.  All other power and consumables conduits continue installation.


Warp engine core completed: materials difficulties eliminated. Warp field coil manufacture delayed.  Preparations made for impulse run-up test.  Main computer cores 80% complete; Habitat connecting passages 55% installed.  Transporter systems minus hull emitters begin instillation.  Phaser bank installation complete; electro plasma power supply to phasers deferred until warp engine power levels verified.  Photon torpedo magnetic launcher power supplies reworked.  Temporary gravity generators installed: network active only where necessary.


Framing and hull skin construction continues. Docking system latches and pass-through fit checks continue. Deuterium reactant tanks and antimatter pod assemblies arrive from off-site for integration. Impulse engine system run-up tests performed; fusion chambers powered singly and in combinations. Reaction control system (RCS) thruster assemblies installed. Two computer cores completed; one each installed in the saucer module and Stardrive section. Power flow regulators and conduits installed; predicted warp core power tap verified as adequate. Main deflector piggyback instrument power supply work complete.

Warp engine core begins low-power tests; reaches Warp 2 equivalent energy. Nacelles still awaiting coil delivery. Impulse test continues; RCS thruster software problem fixed. Habitat layers 70% complete. Shuttlecraft, work pods, and lifeboats arrive for integration test. Photon torpedo loader thermal expansion anomaly fixed


Final outer framing members completed; minor design changes in forward dorsal requires added longitudinal members. Warp engine core test continue. Impulse engine system completed. Permanent gravity generator network complete. Habitat modules and storage volumes complete. Transporter and subspace comm system antennae modified; made compatible with deflector shield grid emissions. Structural integrity field (SIF) runs at low power; works out starship’s framing “kinks”. Main deflector field focus test successful after start-up failer repaired. Sensor pallets 50% installed; minimum for flight.

Starship skin 95% complete. Warp engines power up test to warp 8 equivalent. Warp coils delivered and installed. Impulse fusion generators perform full power nonpropulsive test.  First habitat module swap out by transporter successful. Transporter test complete.  Final SIF and inertial damping field hookups complete. Comm system 90% complete. Impulse power to phaser certified. 50% of lifeboats delivered and docked. USS Montgomery launched from orbital dock on maneuvering thrusters.


Hullintegrity complete; all SIF and IDF systems operational. Warp nacelles buttoned up and certified for flight. Final impulse systems adjustments underway. Computer core subspace field shielding problems arises on Lafitte only; threatened one-third of power of power systems on starship, traced to conflicting power-up procedures, then fixed. Comm system complete after minor rerouting to avoid computer problems. Photon remote firing successful. Defensive shields final hookup complete. Sensor pallets certified. U.S.S. Montgomery Launched; declared spaceworthy and warp capable; moves to outer solar system.


Test continue on total warp and impulse propulsion systems. All other internal spacecraft systems powered up; cross tests continue. New flight software installed in all computer cores. Ejectable bridge module docked. Minimum flight test program crew completes preliminary training aboard ship. Final Sensor pallet installed. U.S.S Lafitte is launched; leaves drydock on maneuvering thrusters.

Flight test crew continues developmental shakedown trials in Mars space. USS Lafitte computers receive continuous performance updates from Daystrom institute.  Tasks include extensive sensor operations, simulated emergency conditions, simulated combat exercises, and power system stress analysis. Warp field coils receive first power, nonpropulsive, Warp 1 equivalent. Power conditioning of warp coils continues up through Warp 8 equivalent. Performance analysis continues on all vehicle components. Main computers developing “system awareness” learning and recording how the ship behaves as a total entity. USS Lafitte declared deep-spaceworthy and warp-capable. Yellow warp-stress visibility hull coatings applied


USS Lafitte achieves warp flight in outer solar system. Skin reinforcements and frame stiffening performed during dock layovers. Final hull coatings and markings applied. Live-fire phaser and photon torpedo exercises test crew and systems. low-level defensive shield power deficiencies appear; enhanced shield generators designs put into work. All lifeboats and auxiliary spacecraft docked. Operational bridge module docked.

July 5th 2340

The USS Lafitte is officially commissioned in a ceremony at the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards.  She was then launched and sent on a classified mission to the Beta Quadrant.

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