Join the Lafitte

Want to join Starfleet and go on exciting missions and explore the final frontier? You have come to the right place !

Joining Starfleet is much more thnn just a world wide fan organization.

The Membership Packet

All STARFLEET Members receive a Membership Packet containing the following items:

• A Membership Card
• A Membership Certificate
• A Member Handbook
• A Vessel Registry listing all chapters in STARFLEET

The Handbook and Vessel Registry are sent to members on a convenient CD-ROM, which also includes additional text and graphics files which members are welcome to use. At no additional cost, a new or renewing member can instead request a printed version of the Handbook and Vessel Registry in lieu of a CD-ROM (as some members do not have access to a computer).

We ask that new and renewing members allow at least 6 to 8 weeks for their membership packet to arrive.

The STARFLEET Communiqué

Published continuously since the early 1980s, the STARFLEET Communiqué brings news from the world of Star Trek to the members of STARFLEET. This bi-monthly publication also updates members on the latest announcements from the central organization, features articles about what fellow STARFLEET members and their chapters are doing, and presents photos, artwork, editorials, book reviews, interviews, and a variety of other fun and interesting content.

Although some fan organizations have moved entirely into the virtual world, STARFLEET realizes that many of our members still like to hold our newsletter in their hands as they read it. Because of this, STARFLEET offers both a printed and a downloadable online version of the Communiqué to all of our members at no additional cost. The printed version is mailed to each member six times a year, while the most current online version is available as a PDF file downloadable from a special password-protected area of this website accessible only to active STARFLEET members.

STARFLEET Scholarships

Each year, STARFLEET offers a number of academic Scholarships to deserving members pursuing their education in a variety of subjects and disciplines: medicine, engineering, theater arts, international studies, business and management, veterinary medicine, teaching, law enforcement, and journalism/writing.

STARFLEET awards up to $500 per scholarship per year, but the program is open only to any active STARFLEET member who is currently enrolled in a fee-requiring school. To learn more about the STARFLEET Scholarship program, click here.

Member Discounts

We offer valuable discounts on goods and services, including OfficeMax, Red Roof Inn, Motel 6 and Choice Hotels™. Membership has it privileges — check it out!

Clubs within the Club

In addition to having access to any of our hundreds of local chapters, each club member is invited to participate in a variety of special organizations within the larger STARFLEET entity. Participation is purely voluntary, and no member of STARFLEET is required to do anything beyond simply paying their annual membership dues. However, for those members wishing to get involved beyond simply receiving their membership packet and bi-monthly newsletter, STARFLEET offers the following fun and engaging resources:

STARFLEET Academy – A set of nearly 1,000 correspondence courses available for free to any member. These courses cover a wide range of topics–from aspects of Star Trek to the functioning of STARFLEET to general science fiction and even to non-sci-fi activities such as learning to trace your own family tree. Learn more about STARFLEET Academy

STARFLEET Marine Corps – For members looking to get more involved in the paramilitary aspects of Star Trek, the SFMC offers groups that operate as part of many chapters. The Marines have their own uniform styles, their own online newsletter and resources, their own rank structure, and they host many of their own activities. They operate within STARFLEET and as a part of the overall club, but they also offer members a different type of fan experience. Learn more about the STARFLEET Marine Corps

STARFLEET Department of Technical Services – For members who love the technology of Star Trek, the DTS brings them together to share their enthusiasm and creativity. Do you have questions about starships? Planets and stars? Alien civilizations? The history of Star Trek’s future? Do you like to design new starship classes and draw schematics? Chances are, you’ll want to check out the DTS after you join. Learn more about the Department of Technical Services

And Much, Much More

The STARFLEET experience is always growing and changing, with new programs and activities to keep members engaged, challenged, and satisfied.

So if you are ready to join please go to the membership website below and begin your journey to the Final Frontier. When you join make sure to select the USS LAFITTE R3 in the listing to join our ship.  Make It So !!!

Contact Information

Calcasieu Area Trekkers Society
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