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NX-8735 Montgomery Class

Welcome to the History of the U.S.S. LAFITTE NX-8735 Montgomery Class Starship

Technical Information about U.S.S Lafitte NX-8735

The Lafitte is state of the art in many ways starting with her new experimental Warp Core. It was designed to reach a maximum warp speed of Warp 9.2 for only 30 minutes.  She has a top cruising speed is warp 7.8.  Most of the systems that are currently being used in this class of starship where designed for the Ambassador Class.  The Montgomery Class uses 3 computer cores in the event that the primary core is damaged or destroyed the secondary cores can be used instead.

Most of the systems on board are in the experimental stages of development, meaning it’s never been tested in deep space.  The Lafitte is unlike any Federation Starship ever built unlike the final version of the future Galaxy Class.  She has more redundant systems than any current Federation Starship, meaning they require twice as much room onboard.  She has more Jefferies tubes and fewer crew quarters than the Galaxy Class. This Montgomery Class is the exact same size and proportions as the future Galaxy Class with a few minor differences. She is currently using warp nacelles from a decommissioned Ambassador class modified to fit on this Galaxy Class test bed.

The Lafitte is equipped with a prototype of the first true Holodecks, although not as sophisticated as the ones later developed in the mid to late 24th century.  This Holodeck is the first one ever to be put onboard a federation starship. A first for this class will be the ability to separate her saucer section in the event that a catastrophic event occurs and move away from any danger.  She is equipped with a new type of deflector shield which is twice as powerful as the ones on the Ambassador Class. Due to the new enhanced warp core the Lafitte puts out 3 times as much power which allows it to increase its defensive power as well as its offensive power.

Her Computer systems are state-of-the-art.  She is using the latest computer systems in Starfleet.  These systems where designed at the Daystrom Institute implementing the latest designs.  The system called is called LCARS which stands for (Library Computer Access Retrieval System).  Its primary function is to combine all of the ships systems and make it easier to access information.  The newest feature this system employs is a function that allows a station to transfer its command functions to any other station in a matter of seconds. In case a station is destroyed, such as the conn the captain can switch the command function to any other station to regain control of the ship.  This new feature will be implemented on the Galaxy Class Starships.

As for the Lafitte’s Weapon systems they employ the latest prototype phaser technology created by the Starfleet weapons division.  The Ambassador Class uses Type 8 phaser banks which use about 3.4 MW of power. The Lafitte uses Type 10 Prototype Phaser Arrays which produces about 5.1 MW of power. She has 2 Photon Torpedo tubes, one facing forward on Deck 25 and one Aft on Deck 35.

Main Bridge – DECK 1






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