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NCC-8735 Galaxy Class

Welcome to the History of the U.S.S. LAFITTE NCC-8735 Galaxy Class Starship

History of the USS Lafitte NCC-8735

After her 10 years of service as the only Montgomery class starship in the fleet, the USS Lafitte NX-8735 was put into dry dock for one last time in 2350. For security reasons, the U.S.S. Lafitte was dismantled and scraped upon completion of her testing. This was done to protect the vital research and new technologies from being used if the ship fell into the wrong hand.

In 2351, Starfleet awarded the next Galaxy Class starship the name USS Lafitte in honor of her service and contribution to the Galaxy Class Development Project. In the latter half of the 24th Century only 3 Galaxy Class starships had been constructed by this time the USS Galaxy, USS Yamato, and USS Enterprise –D. The Starship Lafitte would be the 4th Galaxy Class Starship to enter service.

She was launched in 2367 on stardate 44777.74. Officially the Lafitte was assigned to patrol the distant parts of the Beta Quadrant. Her mission to conduct research and patrol the Cardassian borders as well as diplomatic missions to distant federation worlds. Unofficially, her mission was to test new and improved federation starship technologies being designed at Starbase 46 in the Alpha Quadrant. Just like her previous namesake, this Lafitte would be testing new systems which will be standard on all Sovereign and Intrepid Class starships.

Her systems are state of the art. She will be testing Starfleet’s newest and most advanced computer data transfer system called Bio-neural Circuitry. Unlike the Intrepid Class, the Lafitte does not solely rely on this form of computer processing power. She uses the standard isolinier Processors onboard for backup systems in the event of Gelpack failure. The Lafitte is also equipped with a bigger more expansive main shuttle bay. Larger than the normal Galaxy class designed shuttle bays, hers were designed for the Starfleet Marine Corps to utilize. She is carrying 10 peregrine class fighters and a complement of 2 fully armed runabouts as support vehicles as well as the standard complement of Shuttle crafts. As for the weapons systems she has her standard complement of Photon Torpedoes. While in the development stages, she is also capable of carrying a small complement of Quantam Torpedoes as well. Upgrades also include the new type 12 Phaser banks which will be standard on all Sovereign class starships. Her warp core has been enhanced to achieve a maximum sustained warp speed of warp 9.7 with new structural integrity fields installed throughout the ship. Astrometrics is the most advanced in the fleet as well as a new sensor cluster which will be used on board the Intrepid Class starships. The ship’s hull is now supplemented with a new armor that was developed on the Defiant Class Development Project. Her shields are almost 30% more powerful than the typical Galaxy Class. She also has the ability to use metaphasic shielding pioneered and tested aboard the Starship Enterprise-D.

During the Dominion war the Lafitte was assigned as an escort to the 12th fleet during the confrontation. Her upgraded systems provided Starfleet decisive victories in those held systems. She was one of only a hand full of Federation Ships to make it through to retake Deep Space Nine. Her long history during the war concluded with her attack against Cardassia prime at the end of the Dominion war. The Lafitte suffered severe damage to the ships secondary hull and major warp nacelle rupture.  The Lafitte was brought back home to Earth to undergo her latest refit. She is now the most advanced Galaxy Class starship in the fleet and subsequent breakthroughs in designs used for her will be implemented in all Galaxy Class Cruisers in the future. Currently she is patrolling the beta quadrant with her new mission to explore and discover new worlds and uphold the highest standards of the United Federation of Planets.




DECK 10 – 10 Forward Lounge

USS Lafitte Refit Corridors

DECK 6 – Transporter Room 4






DECK 36 – REFIT MAIN ENGINEERING ( testing new MSD for new class starship )


USS Lafitte – Docked at Deep Space Nine taking on supplies for her mission to the Gamma Quadrant. After the Treaty of Bajor was signed in 2375 Starfleet once again started sending exploration vessels to the Gamma Quadrant.  The Lafitte current mission perform a 6 month charting expedition to test her newly refitted systems after the Dominion War.

USS Lafitte  – On Patrol in standard orbit of Rigel 10

USS Lafitte Home Base – Starbase 420 – Beta Quadrant

 MSD of the USS Saturn – SAME MSD as the USS LAFITTE ( Refit MSD for both Ships )

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